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Capital Midwifery provides comprehensive primary care throughout the childbearing cycle. You will receive individualized prenatal and postpartum/well-newborn appointments including lab work, referral for ultrasound and other testing as necessary. In addition, Rebekah offers guidance in nutrition, herbs, and body-mind healing to keep your body balance and your spirit glowing throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.

Appointments last 45 minutes to 1 hour allowing you and your midwife an opportunity to develop a relationship and discuss all options related to your care and the birth process so that you can make informed decisions. Capital Midwifery honors the needs and preferences of your family, and respects the cultural, social and spiritual values of the individuals in our care. We support women in making fully informed, empowered and safe choices.

By the time you go into labor, you will have a deep understanding of the physiologic process of labor and confidence in your own ability to give birth to your baby. During early labor, your midwife is just a phone call away and you'll receive continuous hands-on assistance and regular monitoring of your baby's well-being during active labor and delivery. Immediately after your baby is born and in the weeks that follow, the well-being of you and your baby will be closely monitored while allowing space for you to bond. Breastfeeding support is provided as well.

Overview of Care:

Prenatal Care

Including but not limited to:

Schedule of visits:

Labor Care


Postpartum/Newborn Care


Schedule of Postpartum Visits:

Your Midwife is available 24 hours a day for emergency support and labor via cell phone. Non-urgent needs will be addressed during business hours.

(Affordable monthly payments, HSA and Credit Cards are accepted. PPO insurance plan reimbursement available and loans available through medloanfinance.com. Medi-Cal discounts available.)

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